Is America the same country portrayed in movies and T.V?

I guess It would matter which movie you mean if you might have seen a glimpse of this distorted reality, but chances are probably unlikely that the lower budget films that contain some truth often reach beyond these borders and…

Invaded, enslaved.

Uncivilized, deranged.

Infilled boats they came.

Our fight, in vain.

Their language, their religion.

Our future, their decision.

Distanced by division.

Stories written with their lies.

Slaughtered our holy.

Vanquished our wise.

Over time, pouring in like rain.

Used all their might, without refrain.

Replacing what they couldn’t erase.

Misinterpretations mispronounced names.

The land they claimed to have found.

Yet our roads lay beneath theirs.

Artifacts, underground.

Righteous despite this.

We stood our ground.

Our past a mystery, theirs remains.

They took away everything.

Took it all away.

Centuries under an intruder’s reign.

Who we are is what we became.

Who are we, without our savage name?

The current reality for immigrants and their families regarding education in the U.S. calls for change. Change must begin at the same place where the problems have taken root, with the perceptions associated with immigrant families that American politics, media, and society, perpetuate.

The less than favorable circumstances that are…

Kysaya Limón

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

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